A dance journey in water and land in São Miguel Island, Azores

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A world of experiences in one trip!

Ocean and Flow Açores

Contact Improvisation in water and land

Explore your creativity. Awaken in your body spontaneous and authentic movement, in amazing natural spaces along the island. Develop physical abilities. Dance on a empty beach. From land to water, explore the dance in warm waters and feel the freedom to fly in partnership.

Ocean and Flow Açores

Water BE

With openness and curiosity, explore your aquatic nature using all your senses and the fluid element in it’s different manifestations and contexts. Discover different aquatic environments in groups, in pairs and individually, with an atmosphere of trust and cooperation that allows you to relax beyond your comfort zone.

Ocean and Flow Açores


With confidence and safety, experience diving in the purest form and expand your breathing technique. Dive into an ancient submerged volcano. Explore the wonderful underwater world and meet exotic species.

Ocean and Flow Açores

Dragon Dreaming

Learn a technique that will help you turn your dreams into reality and your ideas into actions. Experience Dragon Dreaming exercises and live a collective dream with your travel partners.

Come aboard on a magical and unforgettable journey!


day 1, 2 and 3

from Furnas to Ponta Delgada

Take part in a movie. Open yourself to the unknown. Make a wish. Hug a Tree. Dance in warm waters. Eat local pastries. Get in touch with yourself. Question the meaning of life.


day 4

free day

Swim with dolphins. Travel to Ilhéu da Vila. Have time for yourself.


day 5, 6 and 7

discover another side of São Miguel

Visit parts of the island that most people never get to know. Dive deeper! Dance with your Dreams. Expand your breath. Explore an islet. Dive in a biological pool. Fly in the water. Watch the sunset. Explore a cave. Take the best photo ever. Live a Dream. Celebrate in a private Beach. Be thankful! Feel in harmony and flow. Feel at Home. 


The itinerary is going to be built around the weather.
We have a list of amazing spots and activities in the Island and we will have the opportunity to dance and flow on every days.
This Flow Experience is a different way of traveling. It’s for those who want to have the time and space to dance, experience Water Dance, Contact Improvisation, Water BE, Freediving and to learn about Dragon Dreaming.
All classes are open level. We will have classes and Jam Sessions in a fun, inspiring and relaxed atmosphere. Open for people with any level of dance experience.

Other Activities

(subject to extra charge)

Sound Healing Massage with Tibetan singing bowls
Freediving individual session

Pack Holístika:
Our local partners have prepared two special packs with great adventure and exploring activities.

Contact us for more information on how to join this journey:

Additional Informations

What’s included?

: 8 nights in shared rooms
: Breakfasts, lunches and dinners (except lunch and dinner on free day) and drinks are included (except alcoholic drinks)
: 2 classes per day with 3 inspiring teachers with experience in Contact Improvisation in water and land, Water BE and Freediving
: All transportations within the Program
: Entrance at Terra Nostra Park, Caldeira Velha and Gruta do Carvão
: Boat trips and Freediving equipment
: Boat trip to Ilhéu da Vila
: Transfer to the airport (within the program dates)

What’s not included?

: Flight tickets and travel insurance (obligatory)
: Non-specified meals
: Extra activities and optional visits
: Personal items like drinks, snacks, phone, Internet, etc

Flight information

The flight is not included so that you can choose where to buy your flight and decide from where you want to depart. 

If you are flying from Europe to São Miguel Island, you can travel comfortably with Sata Azores Airlines.


Our team will pick you up at João Paulo II Airport, in Ponta Delgada.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is this journey for me?
This journey is for people who like Adventure and Water. It’s not a touristic tour; it’s an invitation to travel differently, dancing through several idyllic places in São Miguel Island. Like a small dance festival in movement. In this case for an exclusive group of 20 participants and a Flow Team of 9 people during the trip.
It is for anyone who is interested in exploring their creative potential and expanding their capabilities, deepening a closer relation with water and Oceans. For Nature lovers and people who want to experience and develop various practices, or even overcome any fear or discomfort with water. It is not necessary to have swimming or dancing experience.
This journey is for those who want to have fun and at the same time relax, have time for yourself and get to know yourself better. It’s to go with the Flow – going with trust and letting yourself be surprised by all we have prepared. Please bring an open mind, an open heart and a good sense of humor!

2. How are the accommodations and what kind of rooms are we staying in?
We will stay in Ribeira Grande near to Ponta Delgada, in the 5 houses “Casas da Ribeira Grande”. The rooms are shared.

3. What if I want a private / single room?
It’s possible to have your own room, but you will have to pay an extra fee of 150€.

4. When should I buy my flight?
You should buy your flight only after making the payment of the Trip and confirm with us your reservation has been made. September is the best months in Azores. Book your flights as early as possible.

5. Can I go alone?
Of course, most of our travelers sign up individually. It’s a trip that you will meet new people and make friends.

6. Who will I share my journey with?
You’ll be with our Flow Team: Violeta and Gustavo, Maria Terra, Sasha, Mário and Nirvan, and Jorge and Rosa to take care of our meals. Then you will spend a week with other travelers, who like you have the common taste for travel, adventure, discovery… and seeking with this trip new emotions and unforgettable moments.
Oceans and Flow travelers all have a great common interest: Travel and the passion for Water. It is an evidence, but it immediately indicates that they are curious, active people with a taste for knowing, exploring and, above all, finding a different vision and a sustainable attitude towards the places they visit or go through. They are people who seek adventure and discovery and therefore have a relaxed attitude towards unforeseen circumstances that may arise and prefer contact with local customs to the comfort of international chains of hotels or restaurants. They are, above all, people who subscribe most of the time individually, and who hope to take, at the end of each trip, the memory of unforgettable moments among a group of new friends. The age range of our travelers is wide. I assure you that the atmosphere is very fun and relaxed and that you’ll end the trip with a new group of friends.

7. The group of travellers will travel all together?
No, there are travelers coming  from different parts of the world, so the group meeting point will be at Ponta Delgada on September 9th, in a place and time that will be set with the group.

8. How do we all get together, if some travelers go on other flights?
We will keep the details and flight schedules of all participants. There is only one transfer from Ponta Delgada Airport to our meeting point. If you travel on another plane and arrive at the same time or before the majority of the group, you can wait at the airport and we will all go together on that transfer. If you arrive later to São Miguel Island, you will have to go by your own to our accommodations, which is 15 minutes from the airport.

9. I don’t have a flight in the day Oceans and Flow begins, can I go before?
Of course, but you’ll be on your own until we meet at São Miguel Airport on the September 9th.

10. If I want to get to São Miguel Island a few days early, can I book accommodation with you? 
We do not book accommodation before or after our trip. However, if you want to arrive in São Miguel one or more days before, we can give you some suggestions of the accommodations in Ponta Delgada, Ribeira Grande and Furnas, where you may book additional nights.

11. How is the weather?
The date of the trip has been carefully chosen in order to enjoy the best weather conditions in São Miguel. September is the month with the best sea temperature. The Azores are known for having a varied climate, and we can feel the four seasons in one day. It’s going to be hot for sure, but it’s likely to catch some cooler evenings or even a light rain.

12. What should I pack?
Bring comfortable clothes and shoes, sneakers, slippers or crocs, sandals, etc. Any comfortable footwear is indicated for this trip, we won’t make long walks.
We will spend a lot of time in water.  For the workshops bring the following material: a hat for the sun and a hat/beanie to protect head and ears from the cold, after the water practices; snorkeling mask and snorkel (you may also bring swimming goggles + a nose clip, although not as comfortable; swimsuit or bikini and towel; comfortable clothes to dance on land and in the water; musical instruments if you have; camera, photo or video, specially water resistant models are very welcome; For the water dance you may bring loose clothes or dresses. Bring also some warm clothes for nights and cool mornings, sunglasses, a small day backpack, your necessáire

13. Are meals included?
Meals are provided by the organization, respecting traditional and local gastronomy. Drinks are included, except alcoholic. The meal locations are previously selected by the organization. On the first day we will have dinner in the hotel, as it’s late in the afternoon. All meals are included (breakfast, lunch and dinner), with the exception of September 13th, which is a free day in the program.

14. Will I have time just to myself?
Of course! The program is flexible and we will always be attentive to the flow of the group. After the dance sessions and workshops, you may venture out and explore the island, go for your walks, have fun and relax.

15. Will I have Internet and phone connection?
In all places where we will visit, you will always have connection. Our accommodations have Internet and Phone access. But we invite you to disconnect a little and enjoy this opportunity, let loved ones know that you will be unplugged and tell them not to worry. Turn on your vacation response and enjoy the freedom!

16. Can I hold a reservation?
We don’t hold reservations. Places are only reserved after payment.

Any Question?
If you still have questions feel free to send us an e-mail: info@oceansandflow.com

Team 2016/2017

Nirvan Navrin

Water BE * Movement * Aquatic research
see more >

Sasha Bezrodnova

Water Dancer * Contact Improvisation in water and land
see more >

Mário Blanco

Water Dancer * Contact Improvisation * Freediving
see more >

Violeta Lapa

Organization * Management * Communication * Dragon Dreaming
see more >

Gustavo Neves

Filmmaker * Photographer
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Adventure, wellbeing and nature guides
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Ana Rosa

“Kitchen Angel” * Healthy and conscious food
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Jorge Cordeiro

Chef * Kitchen Coordinator * Healthy and conscious food
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