Dance journeys in water and land

flowing through islands and oceans
See our film
Dive into idyllic seas
and emerge an improved version of yourself
Dive into ocean experiences that will enchant both beginners and experienced swimmers.
Relax body and mind, discover yourself through dance and be prepared to stimulate all of your senses.
Live transformative experiences and moments that will stay with you forever.
in Idyllic landscapes
Enjoy paradisiacal and unique environments, carefully prepared to surprise you and make everyday a celebration.
All prepared for you!
find your flow
Relax and let yourself be carried by your own rhythm. Challenge yourself and discover what is beyond the unknown. Dive in a flow experience and expand your ability to dream.
nourish your body
Enjoy delicious, organic and local meals that will awake your senses.
discover unique accommodations
Enjoy different types of accommodations: a boat, a tree house, a jungalow, a chalet, an organic farm or even a floating house.
meet inspiring people
Share unforgettable experiences with people from all over the world and feel in a family.

Dance with emotion

Explore the authentic movement of your body through dance in water and land and enjoy a unique set of experiences.

Immerse in the Nature

Dance in warm waters and flow through marine worlds, lagoons and idyllic islands, find exotic species, mysterious caves, jungle waterfalls and amazing beaches. Feel truly inspired and nourished.

Your Dreams in action

Fill your days with passion and meaning and discover the way to make your dreams come true, with the support of experienced and dedicated teachers.
Know more about our journeys:
Unforgettable Thailand
Dive into beautiful Thailand and dance in crystal clear waters with bioluminescent plankton. Enjoy an inspiring and off-the-beaten track program. Let yourself drive along the coast of Andaman sea. Discover two magnificent islands and connect with the water world.
São Miguel Island, Azores
Discover an incredible volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic. Embark with all your senses on an amazing journey, exploring nature through breathtaking landscapes. Dance in warm waters, experience freediving, snorkeling and swim with dolphins.

Amorgos Island, Greece

This year we are preparing a very unique and special journey.
Oceans and Flow Greece is almost here.
Soon we will have more news

See our film and dive into this adventure:
What they say about us:
“I discovered in Oceans and Flow a new way of traveling. I realized that in addition to visiting amazing and unexpected places, having adventures and fun, I could travel with the certainty that I would nurture myself from carefully selected experiences linked to water, nature and dance, always eating healthy, learning new things, making friends with people from all over the world with the same interests – and best of all – out of tourist tours. Highly recommend!”
Joana Pinto Correia
“I made this trip at the request of my heart and so I discovered a more intense and genuine way of dancing with life! I surrendered myself to the new and was surprised by images, sounds, flavors and sensations that awoke me! Throughout these days I was embraced by mother nature and I received her energy so warm and soothing! I feel blessed to have lived such colorful and unforgettable days hand in hand with a beautiful family!”
Isabel Costa

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