Archelon saving sea turtles.
January 8, 2019
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In October 2018 we had the opportunity to meet and develop a film with Archelon, which shows a day at the ARCHELON Rescue Center, a sea turtles hospital near Athens.
Our film is about the connection with water, our relationship with the oceans and the impact of our actions in marine life.

Every year, thousands of sea turtles are affected by pollution and plastic waste in the ocean. But the biggest problems is the violent actions of certain people….

We present you Archelon, a Greek organization that rescues and saves sea turtles in Greece, and develops actions to protect their marine environments. Thanks to an incredible network of volunteers and operational team, Archelon develops volunteer programs throughout the year, on several beaches and islands in Greece.

It could be a different vacation, a rich and transformative experience. I heard testimonies from volunteers who state that it was ” the best month, moments and experience ever!”. An experience that has an impact not only on the personal level of growth and learning, but also on the life of sea turtles, on the nature and the community.

Archelon needs lots of support to continue developing its mission. There are several ways to help as a Volunteer. You can learn more information by visiting its Facebook pages, Archelon, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece and the website:

We thank Archelon for the trust, the inspiration and welcoming reception. Thank you Carlos Gavina for your photographic record.