Brazil calling me.
May 19, 2018
Tempo de Leitura: 2 minutos

I just came back from a two-month trip in Brazil.

Water dance, aquatic therapy, connecting with the Nature, manifesting dreams and sustainability. Water as a source of deep ecology. These are the themes that I have been working on with Oceans and Flow and that I had the pleasure of sharing at the 8th Water World Forum.

This year, Brazil is the World Capital of Water. The 8th World Water Forum took place in Brasilia, from 17 to 23 March. It happens once every 3 years, since 1997, and it’s organized by the World Water Council. It is considered “the biggest event dedicated to water at a global level”. It hosted 120.000 participants from 172 different countries during 7 days of intense dialogue, interaction, learning and entertainment. The connection between water and culture, art and spirituality were the themes that I enjoyed discussing the most. There were present many indigenous leaders from Brazil, Canada, United Sates and New Zealand attended the Forum, sharing their messages of their people as well as their connection with the water. It was of utmost importance that indigenous people could make their voices heard in an event such as this one, where big companies and the government discussed many technical aspects about water management and governance. It was a great opportunity for expanding one’s visions, networking and establishing new partnerships. I came back feeling really inspired for the next aquatic journeys.

I was very proud to represent the Azores at the Portugal Pavilion of the World Water Forum, with the screenings of our film “Dancing with your Dreams” (2016 Azores Edition). Together with Patrícia Furtado de Mendonça (Founder of Acqua Mater, Brazil), we guided a workshop meditation called “Sounds of Water”, which was the starting point of our new partnership. At the Forum, I also had the opportunity to share the work I’ve been developing with water and to present, at first hand, our new Water Journey 2018, in Greece, which I am enthusiastically preparing at the moment.

Our documentary Dancing with your Dreams, filmed during the Oceans and Flow Azores edition, won an award for Best Documentary Film at the Green Nation Cinema Festival, during the 8th World Water Forum. It was such a big surprise and happiness! I am deeply grateful for the incentive and recognition of Green Nation has given us and for the support from all the people who voted for us. It was a great surprise to get to know the incredible Green Nation work and mission, their attentive and caring team and the educational and powerful experiences they brought to over 60.000 young people during that week.

You can watch the movie “Dancing with your Dreams” on the following link:

Soon, I will share with you the 2nd part of my solo expedition in Brazil in the wonderful island of Fernando de Noronha. 🙂