Indonesia, preparing a new destination.
April 19, 2017
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After traveling through Thailand, Gustavo and I we went to Bali, searching for special places and talented friends, to organize a new edition Oceans and Flow Indonesia.

We rode more than 300 hundred miles on our scooter with only a small backpack, crossing mountains, volcanoes, rice fields and beautiful valleys full of surprises. We run from the crowds and made our way to beautiful small villages and rural hamlets that we’d love to share with you! We explore “underwater forests” and one of the highlights of my journey was when I did apnea diving for almost a full minute, admiring coral and sculptures at the bottom of the ocean. What an amazing feeling!

Looking back at how far I’ve come, only one year ago, when water was a biggest challenge for me and I didn’t know how to swim. However, my biggest fear became a BIG passion and a pleasure to overcome! Meanwhile, I swam with Mantas and day by day I’m becoming more comfortable dancing underwater in apnea.

I invite you to live this amazing experience, and fly with me under the water, in the incredible island of Bali.

I’m working on a very special program and soon I will share with you, the new edition Oceans and Flow Indonesia, that will happen in 2018.

Love and Flow,
Violeta Lapa