Thailand, where it all began.
April 19, 2017
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In February I went back to the place where Oceans and Flow was born, precisely a year ago. Looking back, being that happy adventuring alone through Thailand along new paths (surpassing myself), going back this year, sharing this journey with 18 other travellers from 8 different countries, was something that overflowed my heart with joy and fulfilment.

It was a perfect gathering in every way, so much more that a vacation in paradise with a group of nice people and diving enthusiasts. Here we learned and grew together, going deeper into the pathway of our own dreams, our passions our talents, explored dancing on land and water, the simplicity of movement through nature and silence and being in touch with our own essence.

We explore the Andaman sea by boat and visited several and beautiful islands. Developing different practices during our journey in the most unreal places, such as doing yoga and meditation on the highest mountain of Phan Nga, freediving and Aguahara in the warm emerald green waters of the amazing Surin islands. We were received by a aquatic tribe, we dive with them and experienced their way of living as well as their delicious Thai food. We introduced some Dragon Dreaming tools and dance Contact improvisation on land and water, on a beach surrounded by jungle and dolphins. We danced with bioluminescent plankton and made a waterdance film in a lake of crystal clear waters.. this and so many other unique and unforgettable moments!

The participants were completely surrendered and inspired by the natural beauty of the places, with the kindness of Thai people, the sympathy of our local friends and the experiences acquired through this journey. It was an unforgettable experience that we want to repeat next year!





Soon we will have more photos in our website, where you can visit the new Gallery!

Love and Flow,
Violeta Lapa