Mission Atlantis

In connection with the ocean we will sail linking with nautical stations along the Portuguese coastline, to share actions of transformation and regeneration.

May 30 to June 21, 2022

A wave of change.
A new way of looking at ecological education.

Being part of regeneration cycle of the ocean.
The power and importance of acting, consuming, learning and creating locally.

Film sessions

‘Programa Atlantis’


Beach cleanup

Ocean Talks

Seven invited speakers

Trailer ‘Programa Atlantis’

Students from the 8th grade of school Navegador Rodrigues Soromenho in Sesimbra, Portugal, dive into aquatic practices through an ocean literacy program featuring human development tools, freediving and ecology education.

Exploring dreams within their local community, students set out to awaken and root environmental responsibility.


Come aboard and join us in these actions of regeneration and transformation.

Free entry events


May 31

6 pm — Auditório Inf. D. Henrique (APDL), Leça da Palmeira
Film presentation: ‘Programa Atlantis’
with Eunice Maia (Maria Granel)

June 3

6 pm — Noah Surf House, Santa Cruz, Torres Vedras
Film presentation: ‘Programa Atlantis’
with Manuel Centeno
Registration here.


10 am — Praia Azul, Foz do Sizandro, Torres Vedras
EcoAction – beach cleanup
with Associação Sealand

In partnership with Associação Sealand, we will carry out a beach cleaning action with the local community of Santa Cruz, in Torres Vedras. An action that honors the environment and the regeneration of the Oceans and celebrates World Environment Day. An active meditation inspiring social and environmental responsibility.

june 8 - world oceans day

11 am — Praia de Carcavelos
‘Aquele Abraço’ & EcoAction
with ROUTE Portugal

We will be celebrating World Oceans Day with the biggest hug to the sea, in Europe. Symbolically, we will hold hands by the sea and we will do a beach clean-up action. This is an event that is co-produced with ROUTE PT in partnership with 1Planet4all.

6 pm — Auditório Casa das Histórias Paula Rego
Film presentation: ‘Programa Atlantis’

with Eunice Maia

june 11

6 pm — Auditório dos Paços do Concelho Século XXI
Film presentation: ‘Programa Atlantis’
with Suzanne Van der Veeken

june 14 - Arrival


june 21 - World Localization day

5 pm — 8.30 pm Cineteatro Municipal João Mota
Oceans Talks
Link to Guest speakers

Seven guests who are experts in different areas will be joined in Sesimbra celebrating World Localization Day, and they will share their knowledge and inspiration about the power and the importance of acting, consuming, learning, creating locally and joining forces with the local communities and resources.


June 21, 2022 - World Localization Day

5 pm — Cineteatro Municipal João Mota, Sesimbra

Localization is a rescuing movement brought from the economic field to the human scale, that values the local production of goods and essential services for a community.

Growing business with local resources enhances cohesion within communities, and it promotes wellness and health, while it decreases the impact on the natural world, allowing regeneration to happen.


Guest speakers

Local art

with Andreas Noe
The Trash Traveler

How can creativity and positivity help to raise awareness and connect people with the ocean.

Local education & consumption

with Eunice Maia
Maria Granel

A first-person testimony about the strength of a project that rescued my roots and showed me the power of the community.

Local architecture & Urbanism

with Livia Tirone
Curator, Architect

If the Future can be written in seeds – which seeds to we need to plant today ?

Local fashion

with Joana Campos Silva
Fashion Makers

A look at what we don’t see we’re wearing. How our dress decisions impact water and the environment.

Local food

with Francisco Basílio

A perspective on local consumption and how beyond socio-economic benefits, this philosophy of life protects and benefits our digestive system.

Local economy

with Bárbara Leão de Carvalho
Regenerative Marketing

Financial liquidity at the angle of water fluidity as a greater form of local abundance.

Take Action

with Virgílio Varela
Collective Intelligence facilitator

A dream weaver who believes that there is a unique potential and true essence in all of us that enable mindful actions that might be the key to regeneration – ours, and our planet’s.

Presented by

Mafalda Matos

Mission Atlantis team

crew on board

Violeta Lapa

Expedition leader

Founder and producer of Oceans and Flow, and who sent out the call for the team gathering on board. Connecting people and their water practices, Violeta brings together talents to empower dreams.

Cris Santos

Communication, producer

Communication designer and freediver, who dedicates her creative energy to authentic aquatic stories that inspire to care and feel the ocean and its transforming potential.

Filipa Coutinho

Digital Publisher

National Geographic editor and storyteller. Graduated in International Relations with more than 12 years of experience, including Amnesty International, IYPE UNESCO and Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon. She belongs to the sea. There’s nowhere she’d rather be.

Gustavo Neves

Filmmaker, photographer

Filmmaker specialised in documentary, rooted in ocean adventure, dedicated to the production of films about connection within nature.

Francisco Basílio


Surfer, chef, graduated in Nutrition and Ayurveda, co-creator of social reintegration projects and psychomotor rehabilitation for vulnerable communities, the gastronaut on board this expedition.

Filipe Alves

Captain, Biovilla co-founder, Nomad Travel Guide, Ocean Nomad, FCUL researcher

Nature conservationist and adventure enthusiast. Sea nomad. Captain & Skipper of Thia & the Falcon Quest.

Luís Brito

Captain, Vela Solidária & EMA – Educação para o Meio Aquático founder

A sailor since he was 11 years old, he has sailed on some of the most competitive circuits and has for the sharing of his knowledge a passion that translates into his social projects.

Suzanne Van der Veeken

Captain, Ocean Nomad, Adventurer, Freedive Instructor

Author of the ocean travel guide Ocean Nomad and founder of the Ocean Nomads community. The mission: Connecting you to ocean, and to cultivate and encourage a simple, natural, conscious way of life.

Ambassadors crew

Manuel Centeno

Bodyboard athlete, architect

Andreas Noe

‘The Trash Traveler’

Eunice Maia

‘Maria Granel’

Miguel Blanco

Surfer & Activist

Suzanne Van der Veeken

‘Ocean Nomads’


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